Supporting Charity and Benevolent Organizations

Internet Info provides selected societies and projects with the monitoring of their Internet pages in the using the best plan ( Platinum) without charge. This support is provided in the first place to organizations which help children, people in need and physically or mentally handicapped people, or which run other beneficial projects. We also support Open Source projects.

"Collaboration with gave us a better idea about the visitors of our websites (, a Well arranged statistics allows us to tune our site so that it satisfies most our visitors. "

Karla Štěpánková
Media projects and PR manager of the society Človek v tísni ("People in need")

"In mid-2005 Nadace Terezy Maxové launched a new presentation of its website. The services provided by play an important role in finding out the minutest details about the entry, behavior and exit of our visitors. These facts are then helpful in making changes so that the website, in accordance with the latest trends, is used not only as a way to publish information about the work of our organization, but also as a professional fundraising tool to acquire resources for our projects."

Mgr. Terezie Sverdlinová
CEO Nadace Terezy Maxové (Tereza Maxová Foundation)

"The web pages are the main contact place for our campaign; for example, the link to is the only text on the white bands worn on the hands of people who support the idea of helping the poorest countries of the world. This is why accurate and well arranged information about who visits our site and what reaction follows any individual step and action, is so crucial to us. This may be best achieved in the Czech Internet by"

Pavel Trkal
Webmaster and campaign coordinator

"Our aim is to get new homes for as many abandoned animals as possible. NAVRCHOLU.CZ allows us to get a detailed knowledge of where visitors come from to our server, and why. Without detailed statistics we could not maintain our web presentation efficiently and we could not accomplish our mission. "

Jakub Suchý project leader

" statistics allowed me to get detailed information about the visitors of our sites (, and Since Internet Info, s.r.o. allowed us to use Platinum for free, I have a detailed knowledge of where visitors come from to our websites, how many they are and what they find most interesting on our pages, or what technical equipment they use. I use this information to further tune the websites and in the case of it will be one of the bases for a complete redesign of these pages, which is currently being planned. "

Mgr. Radek Pavlíček
Blind Friendly Web project methodology consultant and webmaster

"The web is our main media in communicating with the users of our products. We offer them news, guides and support. We want to evaluate how successful our actions are, we need a fast and reliable analysis of the traffic on our WWW presentations every day. And that is provided by "

Martin Hassman
Mozcestník administrator, developer of the CZilla team

" gives us for free a detailed information about the visitors of our pages at and The information is used to further tune these sites that are administered by us. "

Alena Podlucká
Media Relations Manager, PCC association

The supported projects include in particular:

Člověk v tísni, společnost při ČT, o.p.s. (People in Need)
The organization runs humanitarian and development projects in crisis regions around the globe and supports human rights and democracy in countries repressed by totalitarian regimes.
Sjednocená organizace nevidomých a slabozrakých ČR (Czech Blind United)
An organization operating all around the Czech Republic which focuses on helping the blind and visually impaired and integrating them into the society.
The CZilla project is a group of Internet professionals and volunteers who make Czech localization of products. It provides promotion and user support.
Česko proti chudobě (Czechia against poverty)
National coalition of Czech nonprofit organizations involved in development aid. Its aims include promoting and supporting aid for the poorest countries of the world, in particular through the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Part of the Make Poverty History campaign.
Official Homepage of the Czech Paralympic Commission
The goal of the Commission is to develop the paralympic idea in the Czech Republic and to take part in the preparing of sportsmen for the top world competitions.
Bílá pastelka – the art of living in the dark
A project focused on accumulating funds for education programs for people who learn to walk independently with a blind walking cane, work with a computer or find a job.
Nadace Terezy Maxové (Tereza Maxová Foundation)
The goal of the foundation is a complex support and help for abandoned children. It auspices over 200 nurseries and children's homes in the Czech Republic.
A charity, e-portal and an Internet rescue for abandoned dogs and cats.
Blind friendly web
A projected aimed at accessibility of web pages to visually impaired people. It draws up and continually adjusts methodology of creating accessible websites.
Ubuntu Linux
Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available. The Czech Ubuntu Linux community runs their information WWW pages and a user forum, and makes and improving on the localization. In cooperation with the Czech Linux Users Group, it sends Ubuntu Linux CDs free of charge.
Jeden svět 2005 (One World)
International human rights documentary film festival. of People in Need
Infoservis is a long-term project of the People in Need organization which aims at raising the awareness of the Czech public of what is happening in crisis regions around the globe, of serious human rights violations and current global issues.
Benefiční projekt Naděje paralympijského týmu (Hope Beneficial Project of the Paralympic Team)
The Emil project helps in obtaining finances for sport facilities for handicapped children registered in sport clubs. It has become the symbol of help for handicapped children.