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Our Customers

NAVRCHOLU.cz is used to monitor sites of small businessmen, middle-sized companies, but also of large corporation or bodies of the public administration.

What Users Said about NAVRCHOLU.cz

What our customers say about the monitoring, why they use it and how it helps them in doing their business.

NAVRCHOLU.cz Press Releases

Info about press releases.

Supporting Charity and Benevolent Organizations

Internet Info provides selected societies and projects with the monitoring of their Internet pages in the NAVRCHOLU.cz using the best plan (NAVRCHOLU.cz Platinum) without charge. This support is provided in the first place to organizations which help children, people in need and physically or mentally handicapped people, or which run other beneficial projects. We also support Open Source projects.

Help and FAQ

The help system provides answers to the most frequent questions you might encounter when using NAVRCHOLU.cz. You will also find there an explanation of the terms and methods used by NAVRCHOLU.cz.

Technical Info

Technical background of the traffic monitoring service.

Methodology and Technology

What technology is used to monitor traffic? What is the monitoring methodology?

Terms of Use

Conditions of Registration and Rights and Responsibilities.


Terms of Use for Site Content.


Information about Internet Info, s.r.o., the operator of the NAVRCHOLU.cz service.